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Findin9ja Ads

Am I entitled to online adverts just by signing up on Findin9ja?

Only those on the Platinum and titanium plans are entitled to online adverts on the Findin9ja website, Social Media and email.

How can I increase my business visibility?

The need to advertise becomes more crucial in the business world. We ensure the right marketing strategy is engaged to build your business visibility to reach prospects by keeping your business in the minds of your already growing clients.

How do I advertise on Findin9ja?

To advertise on Findin9ja, fill a form on our Ad page or call our support line for directions.

How do I cancel my Findin9ja advertising program?

Terms of cancellation may differ, depending on your program. To cancel your Ad program, contact our sales representative on (+234) 905 314 9722.

How do I change my Findin9ja advertising program?

To change your advertising plan, you would need to work with a customer service operator you could contact us at (234) 905 314 9722 to know more on others program and how to change.

How do I follow up on a call I received from Findin9ja's Sales team?

A ticket is created by our sales person and you can monitor progress via the email address you provide. Sales representatives also provide contact information to allow follow up.

How do I know my Findin9ja ads are being delivered?

Findin9ja has a good means of tracking progress of ads by visiting the Findin9ja App, where you would see the number of ads that have been delivered month-to-date. Additionally, you can track the number of times your ad was clicked on.

When are the Findin9ja ads for my business delivered?

Findin9ja Ads are delivered when a user searches on Findin9ja, our social media platforms and other channels based on your request. Your ad is posted based on the agreements reached with you when you make request and payments confirmed.

Where do the Findin9ja ads for my business appear?

Your ads can be delivered in a variety of places, including on search result pages, business pages, findin9ja social media pages, and other avenues based on your request. Findin9ja has Ads delivered on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Who can I reach out to with questions about my advertising contract?

If you're a current local advertiser, you'll need to reach out to your Account Manager with any questions about your program, contract, or billing. You can find your Account Manager's contact by requesting through our support team.

Why are there other businesses and competitors shown on my business page?

Findin9ja has advertising programs that allow businesses to display their pages on search results and on related business pages. This is meant to enhance the user experience by suggesting relevant businesses that Findin9ja's users may not have previously considered.