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Updating Business Information

What are the guidelines for general business information?

Below are some general pointers for updating a business page according to our standards regarding:

  • Name
  • Category
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Address / Map Marker
  • Opening and Closing Hours.

Please be aware that there may be exceptions to our guidelines, but our moderators will reject any updates they are unable to verify. There are also a number of style resolutions we follow, and if submissions are verified but incorrectly formatted, we may update them to fit our standards.


A concise name is needed and reflects how an average person would refer to the business. For example, store numbers should not be used (such as ”3rd Floor, Suite 11 and 12 ”), and we try to avoid keywords, tag lines, or other information that is available elsewhere on the business page, such as neighborhoods or categories.



Categories should be as specific and the categories should be able to describe the primary activities of the business rather than the entire scope of the business' activity. A maximum of three categories are allowed, but businesses can appear in search results for more (e.g. a restaurant under the “Calabar” category will still appear in a search for the broader category, "Restaurant”). However, categories that are not fully represented by a business' offering may be rejected, even if the business currently has less than three.

We also add new categories to Findin9ja every quarter - this is the current list.  If you believe that a business page is in the wrong category or needs to be updated with a new one, please suggest changes to the business page.

Phone Number

The phone number on a business page should be a direct local phone number where available.


The intention of the website address field on a business page is to direct Findin9ja users to the business's website. It is not intended to direct Findin9ja users to directories, social media sites or other third party websites. Please leave this field blank if a business doesn't have their own website.

Address / Map Marker

Business pages on Findin9ja are for individual/separate locations of any given business, and a full address is required to be in our directory. There may be exceptions for certain businesses that lack address info (generally local service providers, such as freelancers), However, these pages require a ZIP code or service area. Residential addresses are discouraged in these cases, unless the business desires to have this public.

If you think a business page has the wrong address, please search in the area and make sure that the location you are looking for is not already in our directory. If you have questions concerning closures, moves, renovations, etc., read about substantial business changes.


Opening and Closing Hours

The hours submitted for a business should display the normal operating hours in any given week. These should be in line with what’s reflected on the business' website or otherwise known (printed on a storefront window, menu, flyer, etc.).

If a business is open 24 hours, business owners can select this in the hour’s section when suggesting an update from Findin9ja for Business Owners and mark it as an attribute. Findin9ja communities can let us know by including it in the notes field when suggesting changes to the business page.

How do I suggest changes to the general business info?

General business information are received from owners of the same business. If you believe that these information are not accurate, as a business owner you would need to report these information to our support team. As a user you can also send us a query via our email channels and be sure that we would bring it to the notice of the business owner before changes can be made.

My Business contact Information on Findin9ja is incorrect. How do I modify/update it?

To update your phone number or address, please log in to Findin9ja, click on register to login with your username ID and password. On the top left corner of your page, click on findin9ja, then Dashboard.  Click on items, all items, then select edit, the item page opens for you to modify the information you want to and then click on submit for review to save the information.

How can I control my business listing?

Depending on the business plan you operate, you can your page from the control panel. Depending on your plan,  business owners can edit or add the content to your business page. It is a great way to access and modify your business.

How do I renew my Findin9ja Listing?

That is easy – prior to your membership expiring we will send you an email reminder. You can also log into your Findin9ja Dashboard, click on profile, select a payment option and then click on Renew account.

Can I upgrade my Directory Listing?

Yes, you can. Kindly call our support team or send a mail and our support team will guide you on how to get that done. 

How can I report duplicate business pages?

A business location should be listed only once on Findin9ja. If a business has multiple locations, each individual location should be listed separately (although there may be exceptions - for example, a food truck that appears in different parts of town on different days can have a single business page). If you notice that there are multiple pages on Findin9ja for the same business location, you can let us know by submitting a report.

How do I add a business to Findin9ja?

Please note that any business additions must first be evaluated by our moderators before they appear in search results. This process may take a while depending on our ability to independently verify the information, but if your business is eligible you will receive an email notification when your business submission is accepted. 

If you are a business owner and would like to add your business to Findin9ja

  1. Go to our BUSINESS LISTING, fill the form and follow the instructions there
  2. make payment 
  3. check your mail for a mail from us
  4. if you have issues with adding your business kindly contact our team on any of our help lines.

How long does it take for business information updates to be evaluated?

The Findin9ja team evaluates suggested edits and business additions 7 days a week, and updates are resolved within 24-48 hours of submission. Nevertheless, more complex issues may require more time for resolution. To verify an update we often use a variety of sources: user-generated content on Findin9ja, the business’s primary website, social media, third party sources (news articles, the Better Business Bureau, etc.), and sometimes direct outreach to the business. The evaluation process is generally accelerated if the submission follows our various guidelines (general business info, “From the Business” section, substantial business changes, adding a business to Yelp) and if supplemental information is provided in the Additional Context/Notes field when applicable.

Who can suggest business information updates?

Suggestions are welcomed in Findin9ja from a variety of sources, including: business owners, Findin9ja users, data partners, and platform partners. Essentially anyone using the site can suggest general business updates, report substantial business changes, or add a business, and business owners who have claimed their page can add “From the Business” info.

Can the changes I suggest to a business page be rejected?

Each changes suggested are individualistically verified by our moderators. This is because not all suggestions are valid, so we have to carefully evaluate each one and look for independent confirmation before we can approve the change. In some cases, your suggested change simply may not fit our particular standards for business page information. Suggested changes need to fall within our guidelines, and will be rejected if they don’t meet our criteria.

We want Findin9ja business pages to be simple, accurate, and generally reflective of the way consumers recognize a business. If you think we got it wrong, please submit the change again with an explanation (and any useful links) to help us verify your suggestion.

How do I report substantial business changes?

To report substantial business changes, kindly call our support team and they would put you through.

How do I report that a "closed" business page is actually open?

If a business has been marked closed on Findin9ja but you do not think this is accurate, first check to make sure there is no  "Moved to" or "Renovated" banner that directs you to the new business page.

What are the guidelines for substantial business changes?

When a business undergoes a major change - such as a renovation, rebranding, or relocation it automatically changes the nature and customer experience of that business, Findin9ja will generally update the business page to reflect those changes. This can include updating the business’s location or contact details, adding one of several special banners that specifically call out those changes, or an entirely new business page to reflect a significant change.

Our moderators assess a number of different factors and consider how impactful the changes are to the consumer experience. Getting changes of this magnitude wrong can be disruptive to businesses as well as potential customers, and our moderators will typically look for external confirmation, like a notice on the business’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed, or a news article describing the changes. When reporting substantial changes, you can help our moderators by including links to these sources in the Additional Context/Notes field.

Please read the guidelines below for more information, and learn how to submit the changes with our instructions for reporting substantial business changes.

Guidelines regarding:

  1. Permanent closures
  2. Temporary closures
  3. Renovations
  4. Moves
  5. New Ownership/Management
  6. Rebranding

Permanent Closures:

Businesses that close will stay listed on Findin9ja; this allows customers to confirm the business’s status (or to add any relevant content they may have forgotten to add when the business was open). However, closed businesses will appear less prominently in searches.

This banner will appear on business pages that are marked as permanently closed:

Temporary Closures:

Businesses that close seasonally or for a short period of time- but offer a largely similar experience when they reopen- can be marked as temporary closed. Business pages that are marked as temporarily closed may not appear as prominently in search results, as we want to show customers the most relevant businesses at the time of their search.


For businesses that undergo renovations which result in a largely different customer experience afterwards, we will generally create a new page and mark the old page as renovated. Reviews and photos from the original business page generally won’t be moved to the new one.

A banner linking to the new business page will appear on the old page for a short period of time after the transition:

During this time, a banner linking to the old business page will also appear on the new page to alert customers to the situation:


For many businesses, location and ambiance are a core part of the consumer experience, so when these businesses move, we typically create a new business page and mark the old page as moved. Reviews and photos from the original business page generally won't be moved to the new one. A banner linking to the new business page will appear on the old page for a short period of time after the transition. During this time, a banner linking to the old business page will also appear on the new page to alert customers to the situation:

Re-locations that are not accompanied by a unique or new customer experience, or those of businesses that are not as defined by ambiance, such as retail or service-based businesses, can generally be indicated as an update to the existing business page.

Ownership/Management changes:

When a business is transferred to new owners or management but the core customer experience remains the same, business owners are welcome to let their customers know about the change in the “From the Business” section or a Call to Action. The old owners may relinquish access to the business page so that it can be claimed by the new owners.

If the new ownership is accompanied by changes in the location, ambiance, or other fundamental elements of the customer experience, a new business page may be created to help customers differentiate between the old and new experiences (see the sections for Renovations and Moves). 


Businesses that change names but retain the same customer experience, we’ll generally update the name of the business rather than create a new business page. As such, name changes can be submitted as a general business information update.

If the new name is accompanied by changes in the location, ambiance, or other fundamental elements of the customer experience, a new business page may be created to help customers differentiate between the old and new experiences (see the sections for Renovations and Moves).